Tenth Anniversary of the Journal of Balkan Ecology
Dear Readers, Authors and
Members of International Editorial Board of the Journal,

At the end of 2012, we will celebrate 15 years from the Birth of the Journal of Balkan Ecology. It is reviewed and indexed by many great information companies all over the world. One of them is the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), P. O. Box 3012, 2540 Olentangy River Road, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Scientific surveys, research papers and short communications, which were sent by authors of more than 117 faculties of universities, institutes and ecological organizations all over the world, were accepted and published in the Journal. At the end of this year, we will complete a collection of 40 issues of the Journal. The contributors of many countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa from different scientific areas of the multidisciplinary ecology as science and applied practice

  • formulated cardinal problems concerning the environment;
  • showed implementations of many joint ecological projects and their results;
  • informed world scientific societies about original achievements in Food Safety, Hu-man Ecology, Agroecology, Forest Ecology, Hydroecology, etc. The achievements concern the effects of different natural and anthropogenic factors on air, water, soil and living organisms including the humans;
  • offered methods for monitoring the natural ecosystems and the changes in their components, methods for habitat restoration and for managing the anthropogenic ecosystems, and methods for estimating the impacts on the ecosystem productivity;
  • revealed: different kinds of environment pollution and its control developing original purification methods, the productivity of disturbed lands, the land reclamation achievements and the mechanization of reclaiming activity;
  • developed ideas for sustainable development of agriculture and human society.

The Journal of Balkan Ecology is reviewed and indexed in Ankara, Athens, Belgrade,  Boston, Brussels, Bucharest, Columbus (Ohio), Lisse, London, Moscow, Nanterre, New York, Paris, Sofia and Washington D. C.

The issues of the Journal are available in: the Library of European Commission, Brussels; Bibliotheque de Documentation Internationale Contemporaine, Centre Universitaire, Nanterre, France; the Library of Congress, Washington D. C.; the American Chemical Society, Chemical Abstracts Service Co., Columbus, (USA); the St. Kiril & Metodiy National Library of Bulgaria, Sofia, the Library of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation; the National Library of Romania, Bucharest, Romania; National Library of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia, AGRIS, and many other libraries around the world.

We invite the scientists and libraries all over the world to subscribe to the Journal of Balkan Ecology in order to publish free of charge in the Journal of Balkan Ecology. We invite all library officers to subscribe their departments, faculties, institutes and universities.

We will invite scientists of newly subscribed institutes and universities to enter the international team of the Editorial Board.

Congratulations to all Readers, Authors and Members of International Editorial Board of the Journal.